Huntsman RGB

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Inquisitor's Choice: Huntsman Lightsaber
Introducing the Huntsman lightsaber, a remarkable replica of the fearsome sabers wielded by the Inquisitors. Embrace the dark side with this exquisitely designed lightsaber, crafted to capture the essence of their power. Choose between the versatile RGB or the immersive Xenopixel soundboard, each tailored to enhance your lightsaber experience. The RGB soundboard is specifically engineered for dueling, providing optimal responsiveness and durability during intense combat. Meanwhile, the Xenopixel soundboard offers a highly realistic lightsaber experience, perfect for those seeking to immerse themselves in the role of a dark warrior. With its 100% metal hilt, the Huntsman lightsaber delivers both durability and authenticity, ensuring a solid grip for precise control. Unleash your inner Inquisitor with the Huntsman lightsaber, an essential addition to any collector's arsenal.