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Sabers here are not compatible with discount codes or store specials.

Super Sale

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Every week 2 sabers from the Padawan, Master, and Replica collection will have a Super Sale! A MASSIVE Discount is applied to these sabers and last for only 1 week. Sabers in this collection are not compatible with any Store Special or Discount Code!

  • Vengeance
    Up to 54% off


    From $259.99 $564.27
  • The Apostle
    Up to 53% off

    The Apostle

    From $139.99 $261.41
  • Samurai
    Up to 50% off


    From $449.99 $835.70
  • Shadowstrike
    Up to 53% off


    From $109.99 $232.84
  • Hydrosaber
    Up to 52% off


    From $109.99 $228.55
  • Silverstorm
    Up to 52% off


    From $169.99 $328.55