Scrapyard Gleaming Hope

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Shipping Notice: Scrapyard Lightsabers can only be shipped to residents of the United States!

Warning: Attention Jedi and Sith crafters! The sabers listed in this section have been returned to us due to technological, physical, or other issues. While they hold great potential for parts, display, or personal projects, please be aware they may not function as fully operational lightsabers. We conduct a quick test to see what state they have been returned in, but beware future electronic issues could arise. Now, you could get lucky and find a fully operation saber at a fantastic price but please beware this is not what these sabers are meant for. These sabers come with a no return policy and no warranty. 

Physical Hilt: For a returned saber the hilt is very well kept. A few scratches on the silver side but everything else looks like new. 

Soundboard: RGB

Electrical: Passed our testing phase with no issue; however, remember these are returned sabers. Future electronic issues could arise. 

Package Materials: Blade, Charger, bag of screws and Screws. 

OwnASabers Best Usage Recommendation: This Gleaming Hope saber could be a great chance to get a fully operational saber at a great cut price. Please proceed with caution though as we have stated that this saber has been returned and any future issues will not be handled by us.