Scypher (RGB)

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Dark Elegance: Scypher Lightsaber

Introducing the Scypher lightsaber, an embodiment of sleek darkness. With its all-black design and distinctive spike-like emitter, this elegant saber exudes an air of mystery and power. Choose between the RGB or Xenopixel soundboard options to customize your experience. The RGB soundboard is perfect for intense dueling, ensuring your battles are filled with realistic sound effects and vibrant blade colors. Alternatively, the Xenopixel soundboard offers a highly immersive experience, ideal for cosplay enthusiasts seeking the utmost realism. Crafted with a 100% metal hilt, the Scypher is not only visually striking but also durable and reliable. Prepare to wield this extraordinary lightsaber, and embrace the enigmatic allure of the Scypher.