Kybercore (RGB)

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Kybercore - Where Style and Substance Meet in the Ultimate Lightsaber

Introducing the Kybercore lightsaber - the perfect saber for any serious duelist! With its sleek and rigid design, this black lightsaber is as menacing as it is stylish. The 100% metal hilt is built to last, and the polycarbonate blade can withstand even the most intense dueling sessions. The hilt features a Kybercrystal showing in the top middle, adding to the saber's overall aesthetic. Choose between the RGB soundboard for an optimal dueling experience, or the Xenopixel soundboard for a highly realistic saber that's perfect for cosplay or display. The Kybercore lightsaber is held securely in place with multiple screws to avoid any blade wobbling during intense battles. Get your hands on the Kybercore lightsaber today and become the ultimate duelist!