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Embrace the Lunar Force: Moonlight Lightsaber

Introducing the Moonlight lightsaber, a celestial marvel with a captivating moon-inspired design. This enchanting lightsaber features a striking motif reminiscent of the moon's mesmerizing glow, allowing wielders to harness its otherworldly power. Choose between the RGB soundboard for intense dueling, ensuring the perfect balance of strength and agility, or the Xenopixel soundboard for an immersive experience that brings the lightsaber to life with stunning realism. Crafted with a 100% metal hilt, the Moonlight lightsaber boasts both durability and authenticity. Each purchase includes a carrying case, display stand, blade plug, manual, charger, and screws to secure the blade, providing everything needed to embark on your cosmic adventures. Embrace the ethereal radiance of the Moonlight lightsaber and let its celestial energy guide your path in the galaxy.