Man of Steel

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Unleash your Inner Hero with the Man of Steel lightsaber

Introducing the Man of Steel lightsaber, a tribute to the iconic superhero, Superman. With a hilt boasting a striking color pattern of red and black, adorned with a meticulously engraved Superman logo, this lightsaber captures the essence of strength and courage. Choose between two exceptional soundboards, the rugged RGB-S16 Soundboard, ideal for intense dueling with its superior sound quality, or the immersive SN-Pixel V4 Soundboard, perfect for cosplayers and enthusiasts seeking a highly realistic lightsaber experience. Crafted from 100% metal, the Man of Steel lightsaber guarantees durability and a satisfying weighty feel. Accompanied by a resilient polycarbonate blade, it delivers vibrant displays of power. Embrace your inner superhero and wield the Man of Steel lightsaber, a must-have for collectors, cosplayers, and fans alike.