Kanan RGB-S16

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 Experience Kanan's Legendary Lightsaber!

Introducing the Kanan Replica Lightsaber, a true homage to the legendary Jedi Knight. This meticulously crafted saber captures every intricate detail of Kanan's iconic saber. The color scheme of Green and Silver pays tribute to Kanan's connection with the Force and his unwavering spirit. Crafted with a 100% metal hilt, this lightsaber exudes durability and authenticity. The polycarbonate blade emanates a vibrant glow, radiating the power of the Force with every swing. Equipped with the advanced RGB-S16 Soundboard or SN-Pixel V4 Soundboard, the Kanan Replica delivers an immersive experience, bringing the saber to life with its array of dynamic sound effects. Embark on your own heroic journey and channel the spirit of Kanan with this remarkable lightsaber replica. May the Force be with you!