Maul RGB-S16

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Join the Dark Side with "Maul": The Most Realistic Darth Maul Saber Yet

Introducing "Maul" - the ultimate Darth Maul replica lightsaber for every fan and collector! This incredible saber features two individual lightsabers that can be joined together to form an impressive double-bladed weapon, just like the one used by the infamous Sith Lord. Each saber can be ignited separately, adding to the authenticity and excitement of wielding this impressive weapon. Made with a 100% metal hilt, "Maul" is built to last and withstand even the most intense duels. Choose between the RGB-S16 and SN-Pixel V4 soundboard options, both of which offer high-tech features and good sound quality. The RGB-S16 soundboard is perfect for dueling, while the SN-Pixel soundboard is best suited for cosplay. "Maul" is the ultimate must-have for any fan who wants to bring the dark side to life.