Dark Angel (RGB-S16)

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Elegant Power: Dark Angel Lightsaber
Introducing the Dark Angel Lightsaber, a celestial marvel that embodies power and elegance. The striking color scheme of silver, gray, and gold sets the stage for this remarkable saber. With its distinctive cross guard design and three blades, the Dark Angel exudes an aura of strength and sophistication. Choose between the advanced RGB-S16 soundboard, ideal for intense dueling encounters, or the SN-Pixel V4 soundboard, offering a highly realistic saber experience. Crafted with a 100% Metal Aluminum Hilt, this lightsaber ensures durability and reliability. The polycarbonate blades radiate a captivating glow, bringing your battles to life with each swing. Unleash your inner warrior and embrace the might of the Dark Angel Lightsaber, a perfect fusion of style and substance in the realm of lightsaber craftsmanship.