NightReaper RGB-S16

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Strike Fear in the Hearts of Your Enemies

Introducing the Nightreaper Lightsaber, the ultimate saber for those who seek to rule the night. With its menacing design and cutting-edge technology, the Nightreaper has become one of our top selling Padawan saber. 

The Nightreaper is constructed from a high-quality metal aluminum and is equipped with either an RGB-S16 or SN-Pixel soundboard. An RGB-S16 soundboard suites those wishing to duel with their saber due to the hollow polycarbonate blade that comes with it. If you are looking for more of a Realistic saber experience, the SN-Pixel soundboard is perfect for you. The pixel blade that comes with this soundboard has LED lights running through it allowing for realistic saber features to be performed. 

Whether you're a cosplayer, collector, or simply a fan of lightsabers, the Nightreaper is the ultimate saber for you. Order now and unleash the power of the Dark Side with the Nightreaper Lightsaber.