Junda SN-Pixel V4

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Junda: A Replica of Cere Junda's Lightsaber
Introducing Junda, an exquisite replica of Cere Junda's original lightsaber. Crafted with precision from 100% metal, this saber captures the essence of Cere Junda's legacy with its striking design. You have two soundboard options: the rugged RGB-S16, perfect for thrilling duels, and the SN-Pixel V4, designed for an immersive and highly customizable saber experience. Customize blade colors, ignition effects, and blade effects with the SN-Pixel V4. However, please note that the pixel blade makes it unsuitable for heavy dueling. Whether you're a duelist or a cosplayer, Junda's stunning craftsmanship and versatility make it an ideal choice to unleash your inner Jedi.