Shan RGB-S16

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Embrace the Legacy: Introducing the 'Shan' Lightsaber Inspired by Satele Shan

Introducing "Shan," a lightsaber that embodies the elegance and power of Satele Shan's legacy. Crafted with precision and designed to mirror the essence of the revered Jedi Master, this saber offers a seamless blend of strength and finesse. The hilt, meticulously detailed and 100% metal, replicates the distinct features of Satele Shan's lightsaber, showcasing an exquisite balance between functionality and aesthetics. With a polycarbonate blade that illuminates with grace, this saber promises an immersive experience akin to Satele Shan's skill and wisdom. Choose "Shan" and embark on a journey that captures the essence of a true Jedi legend.