Apollo RGB

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Introducing Apollo: Legendary Lightsaber Perfection

Introducing "Apollo," a remarkable lightsaber that pays homage to the iconic saber wielded by the legendary Mace Windu. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this lightsaber replica captures the essence of power and elegance. Choose between an RGB or Xenopixel soundboard, where the RGB option excels in intense dueling scenarios, while the Xenopixel soundboard creates an unparalleled immersive experience, perfect for cosplay enthusiasts seeking an exceptionally realistic lightsaber encounter. With its solid metal hilt, Apollo boasts durability and authenticity, ensuring a comfortable grip and enhancing the overall visual appeal. Complete with a convenient carrying case, a display stand for showcasing its splendor, a blade plug, a user-friendly manual, a charger for extended usage, and blade screws to keep your blade tightly secured, Apollo is a must-have for any passionate lightsaber collector or enthusiast. Ignite your imagination and immerse yourself in the saga with Apollo, the epitome of elegance and power.