Arachnid RGB

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Unleash Arachnid: Elegance and Ferocity
Introducing the Arachnid lightsaber, a marvel of design inspired by the intricate beauty of spiders. With its captivating spider-like aesthetic, this lightsaber commands attention and embodies both elegance and ferocity. Choose between the versatile RGB or Xenopixel soundboard, where the RGB option excels in dueling scenarios, providing optimal responsiveness and durability. Meanwhile, the Xenopixel soundboard offers an unrivaled level of realism, ideal for those seeking an immersive cosplay experience. Constructed with a 100% metal hilt, the Arachnid ensures both durability and authenticity. Each purchase includes a convenient carrying case, a display stand for showcasing its mesmerizing form, a blade plug, a user-friendly manual for easy operation, a charger to keep the saber ready for action, and screws for keeping the blade in place. Unleash your inner arachnid and wield the Arachnid lightsaber, a stunning blend of artistry and power.