LightBearer Xenopixel

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Lightbearer: Relive Leia's Heroic Legacy

Introducing the Lightbearer lightsaber, an exquisite replica of the iconic saber wielded by Leia Organa. Immerse yourself in the legacy of the Rebel Alliance with this masterfully crafted lightsaber. Choose between the versatile RGB soundboard, optimized for intense dueling and precise combat, or the immersive Xenopixel soundboard, delivering a highly realistic lightsaber experience that will captivate cosplayers and enthusiasts alike. The Lightbearer features a 100% metal hilt, ensuring both durability and authenticity, while its sleek design pays homage to Leia's grace and strength. Each Lightbearer lightsaber comes complete with a carrying case, display stand, blade plug, manual, charger, and screws to securely hold the blade in place. Ignite the spark of hope and channel the Force with the Lightbearer lightsaber, an essential addition to any Star Wars collector's arsenal.