Shadowstaff Xenopixel

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Shadowstaff Lightsaber: Elegance Meets Power!

Introducing the Shadowstaff Lightsaber, a masterful fusion of elegance and power. This extraordinary saber is available in three captivating colors: Black, Silver, or Gold. Its simple yet sleek design is visually stunning, making it a true aesthetic delight. Crafted with a 100% metal hilt, the Shadowstaff exudes strength and durability, allowing for a firm grip during intense duels. The polycarbonate blade emits a brilliant glow, enhancing the allure of this remarkable saber. Choose between the advanced RGB-S16 Soundboard or the SN-Pixel V4 Soundboard that allows you to customize its multiple pre-installed features to your liking. Unleash the shadow within and wield the power of the Shadowstaff, an embodiment of elegance and might in the realm of lightsaber craftsmanship.