NightFall RGB-S16

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Introducing NightFall - The Duel-Ready Lightsaber with a Samurai Sword Hilt Design

Introducing the NightFall lightsaber - the perfect saber for any aspiring samurai or duelist! The sleek hilt design is inspired by the elegance of a samurai sword, with a black and grey color pattern that is both stylish and understated. Made with a 100% metal hilt, NightFall is built to withstand even the most intense dueling sessions, with multiple screws holding the blade securely in place to prevent any wobbling. Choose between the RGB-S16 soundboard for the ultimate dueling experience, or the SN-pixel soundboard for a highly realistic saber that's perfect for cosplay or display. Whatever your preference, NightFall is the ultimate lightsaber for anyone who wants to unleash their inner warrior.