Old Relic (RGB-S16)

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Discover the Mystique of the Old Relic Lightsaber!
Behold the Old Relic Lightsaber, a true testament to the mystique of ages past. With its antique design reminiscent of a long-forgotten era, this saber carries the essence of an ancient artifact, waiting to share its secrets with a new guardian. The hilt's enigmatic blend of grey, gold, and black hints at its storied history, as if it were unearthed from a lost civilization. Crafted from 100% metal with a Polycarbonate blade, it's a piece of art that invites adventure, story, and mystique into your life. Whether you're a collector looking to add a relic to your treasure trove or an explorer seeking an enigmatic companion for your journey, the Old Relic offers a bridge between the past and the present. Unearth the mysteries and embrace the allure of the Old Relic Lightsaber!