Engrave a message on your Lightsaber.

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Personalize Your Wrathbearer Lightsaber with Free Engraving

The Wrathbearer lightsaber offers a unique opportunity to make it truly your own. With our exclusive offer, you can engrave a personal message of your choice on the middle black part of the hilt. Whether it's your name, a special phrase, or a powerful motto, the engraving will be a testament to your individuality. Express yourself with up to 10 words, free of charge. Don't miss this chance to add a personal touch to your own Wrathbearer lightsaber and make it truly one-of-a-kind.

 How to submit your engraved message

To submit your engraved message, simply follow these instructions. When adding the Wrathbearer lightsaber to your cart, you will find an option to include a customer note. In this note, please clearly state the engraving you would like to have on the saber, ensuring that it does not exceed 10 words. We have provided image examples below to guide you in locating the customer note section.

PC/Desktop Notes Location: 

Mobile Notes Location: 

Please note that if we do not receive a customer order note specifying the desired engraving for this bundle, we will reach out to you via email. Our goal is to ensure that your lightsaber is engraved with the word or message you desire, so kindly respond to our email inquiry with your engraving preference.

Follow these easy steps to personalize your Wrathbearer lightsaber and make it truly unique to you!