Sepulcher SN-Pixel V4

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Embrace Darkness: Sepulcher Lightsaber

Introducing the Sepulcher Lightsaber, a breathtaking replica of Darth Raven's iconic saber. This extraordinary lightsaber features a striking design that commands attention, with its menacing presence and impeccable craftsmanship. Choose the RGB-S16 soundboard for unparalleled dueling performance, allowing you to unleash your skills with precision and power. Alternatively, opt for the SN-Pixel V4 soundboard for an immersive and highly realistic lightsaber experience, perfect for cosplay enthusiasts and those seeking an authentic connection to the Force. Crafted from premium 100% metal, the Sepulcher offers durability and authenticity, ensuring its place as a cherished piece in your collection. Complete with a comprehensive set of accessories including a carrying case, display stand, blade plug, manual, charger, and blade-holding screws, this lightsaber is ready to transport you to the dark side of the Force. Embrace the legacy of Darth Raven with the Sepulcher Lightsaber and let the Force guide your path.